Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Aged In An Instant!

Really Alicia?  Can you really start a blog because it's fun and feels like the newest and greatest thing to do and only have three entries - the last of which was back in November??  So sad.  What is even more sad is the thing that brought me back here was the newest bandwagon that I have hopped on by the name of Google +.  We'll see how long that lasts. 

As I was reading through my previous posts, all three of them, I was reminding myself of why I started blogging and looked back at the name of my blog - Life's Little Moments.  I was trying to capture those things that happen to all of us that feel "little" but are so happy, sad, funny, stupid, silly, or random that most people can relate to and really call "a moment".

Here was my most recent moment.

I am so fortunate to have the most amazing sisters in the world.  Recently, my dad said that no matter where we go, throw the four of us in a room and WE ARE the party.  I have to say I agree with him.  Coming for our dad, there must be some truth to it. 

As close as we all are, both on google maps and in our hearts, we don't spend enough time together just the four of us.  I think these last couple of years have brought us closer together, and quite honestly some things that felt like we could never forgive in a million years!  *clinches and shakes fist in the air*  But in the end, I truly feel like the relationship I have with all three of my sisters has never been better. 

I know...get on with it Alicia. 

My moment is twofold.  On Sunday afternoon last weekend, we all got together to have lunch.  During lunch, one of my sisters said the dreaded, "...when we were kids".  *Gasp*  You mean we're NOT kids anymore???  When she said it, I felt aged...old, dried-out, wrinkled and worn.  I pointed it out to which she responded with her usually wit, "Get used to it sister."  But then I realized something.  It had been so long since the four of us were together, by ourselves with no kids, no husbands, and no parents or other family, that's what made the comment so shocking.  I felt like "the baby" again when I was there.  We were young, fun-loving sisters still dancing on the coffee table in the living room to Wham and Michael Jackson.  We were dancing in our jammies and singing our little hearts out for our parents while my dad video taped. 

The interesting thing is, during lunch, one of my sisters Melissa, had to show us how to administer a certain type of medicine she is on in the event there is an emergency and we needed to help her.  This was a serious conversation, a conversation that kids don't have.  When we were kids using our hair brushes as microphones, we weren't thinking about one of us being sick.  We weren't thinking about needing to have a conversation on how to administer life saving medicines.  We were thinking about the boys across the street and what we were going to wear to school the next day.  Now, as I think back to this part of our table talk during lunch, I think about the things that are really important.  When we are together, we are kids.  We are sisters that love each other and will do anything for one another.  It doesn't matter how many candles are on your cake, or how close your dots are on Google Maps.  Make time for one another, love one another, and above all, make sure you check with everybody first before you choose the restaurant - right Abby? 

Monday, November 1, 2010

...and then the dog ran off with her underwear.

I can remember when I was a little girl.  My sisters and I would spend our summer days swimming at my grandma and grandpa's house or a day at Raging Waters in San Jose.  I can remember feeling so tired and worn out that I literally felt like I couldn't do anything else.  I would lay down and still feel like I was swimming.  I would fall asleep and sleep so soundly that it felt like I blinked and it was morning time.  Man, I miss those days. 

I see now the pure exhaustion in my kids that I can remember.  They spend so much energy just being a kid sometimes they hit a wall and can fall asleep standing up.

On Sunday night after trick or treating Emma was as tired as I've ever seen her.  She wanted so badly for me to lay with her and read her bedtime stories - which I completely planned to do.  She was acting as a 5 year old should at 9:00pm at night after asking strangers for candy for an hour and a half but I couldn't fault her for that.  She was tired. 

We got home, and Emma walked straight to her room, Dorothy costume and red sparkly shoes still in tact.  She climbed on her bed and was out in less than two minutes.

After a few minutes of getting ready for our next day of school and work, Dan asks, as any normal concerned parent should ask of their child falling asleep unprovoked, "Did she pee?"  To which I answered, "No.  I will take her in a minute." 

A few minutes later we -and by "we" I mean Dan - scooped her up out of bed and carried the princess to her throne.  She was out!  And mumbling something like, "amafanamdalishabooble" while she is, eh hem, doing he business.  I managed to take her costume off of her, put on her jammies, pick her up again and put her back in bed all without interruption. 

The only person who may have come out ahead during these events was the dogwho, at some point, managed to sneak in, pull her underwear off of her (without any of us noticing, mind you) and run off with them into the family room.  Now that, my friend, is exhaustion. 

Friday, October 29, 2010

We All Have Them...

We all have them - moments that make you laugh, moments that make you cry, and moments that make you grab your steering wheel and thank the good Lord above that He gave your the strength to not hit your ex and end up in jail. 

Recently, THOSE moments have been happening far too frequently, but I sure have had so many more moments that have made me smile. 

I saw a little boy today by the name of Jack trick or treating at my work.  He is almost 2 years old and was dressed as a fire man and was carrying around the cutest little red fire truck.  He seemed to be so proud of this little truck.  It was the cutest thing.

He was so excited to say, "Twick or tweet, smell my feet!" and got such a kick out of it.  His innocence filled the room and his cheesy smile was contageous.  Little Jack needs to brighten everybody's day the way he did mine.